Rich Stables, CEO of Kelkoo Group comments: “The UK Government’s tough stance, outlined in its Digital Markets Competition and Consumer Bill published today, will be a great marker for EU enforcers working on DMA implementation.  The new UK Digital Markets Unit, with its proposed code of conduct, has the potential to be a gamechanger for ensuring fairer competition in digital markets.

“In Europe, Google has already caused over a 13-year delay in the EU Shopping case. The DMA is a well-crafted piece of legislation which can transform digital markets, but we know that Big Tech is adept at blocking progress. EU regulators need to be made of steel to play and win the long game.   In the UK, today is the first crucial step to creating that progress but Big Tech will persist in its attempts to derail this much-needed Bill that will allow competition and choice in the UK once again. We urge the UK Government – and all regulators – to continue to stand firm against Big Tech’s multi-million-pound lobbying machine which amounts to full force delaying tactics. 

“Kelkoo Group was a pioneer in comparison shopping which gave consumers access to the best online shopping deals. But since Google was allowed a stranglehold on digital markets, consumer choice was stunted and Kelkoo Group – once valued at nearly 1bn – was pushed to the cliff edge. The cost-of-living crisis counts for nothing as Big Tech denies consumers choice and lower prices.

“The Digital Markets Competition and Consumer Bill is a watershed moment in our quest to reverse Google’s march to total monopolisation of the internet. We look forward to the Competition and Market Authority’s Digital Markets Unit being granted formal powers to promote innovation and choice for consumers and support the growth of a vibrant digital economy for big and small businesses.  Regulators the world over will hopefully be inspired to follow suit.”

In summary:

  • Consumers are being hit hard by the cost-of-living crisis and small online businesses continue to struggle
  • The Digital Markets Competition and Consumer Bill has potential to be the silver bullet in restoring an even playing field for challenger ecommerce brands
  • The Digital Markets Unit and its proposed Code of Conduct will be a gamechanger … but…
  • We know first-hand how Big Tech delays regulation – and this must not be allowed to happen in the UK

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About Kelkoo Group:

Kelkoo Group was a hugely successful comparison-shopping service (CSS) that helped consumers to make great shopping choices and helped online retailers to reach those consumers. However, virtually overnight, Kelkoo was taken to a cliff edge by Google’s self-preferencing behaviour. 

Lead complainant in the Google Shopping Case:

We are one of the lead complainants in the Google Shopping case in Europe and have been lobbying for fair digital markets since 2011. We are in regular dialogue with global regulators who are keen to end monopolist behaviour and restore competition and consumer choice. 

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