Texas dogs found shot to death; one decapitated

Two dogs with collars and microchips have been found shot to death in Texas and one of the dogs was reportedly decapitated. 

Montgomery County, Texas resident Adrienne Madison told KRIV-TV that her dog Murphy along with the neighbor dog Diva were found shot dead on a train track after escaping through a hole in the fence on her property. Murphy, who Madison had adopted from a pet shelter, was found decapitated at the scene.

“Both the dogs had been shot and killed, and Murphy my dog, had been beheaded,” Madison said. “We don’t know why somebody would do something like that, especially with collars on. They were still on when they found them.”

Along with wearing their collars which identified the location of their owners, Madison said that both dogs were also microchipped.

It appears that the dogs were not killed on the railroad tracks but rather dumped there after being shot.

“The officer told us there had been similar incidents not too far from that area and not too distant in tone recently,” Madison said. “To me, a person who would commit something that brutal to an innocent animal, probably doesn’t have much regard for human life either.”

One of the dogs was found decapitated.
Fox 26 Houston
Child pets dog
Two dogs in Texas were found shot to death.
Fox 26 Houston
Diva and Murphy
Diva and Murphy were found on railroad tracks.
Fox 26 Houston

The crime is being investigated by the animal cruelty unit of the Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables Office.

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