Sharpton: Republicans Will Use ‘Straight-Out Racially Charged’ Dog Whistles in Midterms

MSNBC host Al Sharpton said Friday on “Deadline” that the Republicans were going to use “straight-out racially charged whistles” during the midterm elections.

Guest-host Alicia Menendez said, “Let’s just talk about what the Jackson hearings tells us about the upcoming midterm battles, issues, and stereotypes they repeatedly tried to tap into here. Portraying Democrats, portraying Judge Jackson as being soft on crime, bringing up abortion and racist baby books, trying to victimize themselves by invoking previous Supreme Court hearings. Any question what the midterm fight is going to look like after what we watched this week?”

Sharpton said, “It is very clear they are going to use all kinds of dog whistles and probably just straight-out racially charged whistles. When you try to ask a Supreme Court nominee about Critical Race Theory, when you try to criminalize her by saying she is soft on crime which is always a stereotype they put on blacks, that we are either criminal or we are somehow company to criminals or a co-conspirator. You think this woman was one that was in some kind of way an accomplice to criminals getting out of the jail. This is how they are going to play the midterm elections, that they’re criminals, that we have to deal with Critical Race Theory. They’re doing it all over the country.”

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