“Shadow of a Dog”: In Search of a Missing Puppy

[gentle music] [siren blaring]

[phone trilling]

[Person 1 on phone] Hey, how are you?

[Person 2] How you doing?

I don’t know much about the case.

[Person 1] Well, Chica, she’s been gone

I guess since maybe Saturday.

She’s a foster dog.

She had a harness on, and somehow they dropped the leash,

and she took off.

It’s in the Evergreen Cemetery, is where she was spotted.

You know, like Bushwick.

It’s just such a huge fucking cemetery,

it’s like eight miles long and you know, it’s really big.

[Person 2] The trap only comes out

when we get her on the camera.

Maybe if we put like four or five cameras

out, that would be smart tonight.

[Person 1] Right, send me when you get the chance,

all your info to send you the money.

[Person 2] Okay, sounds good.

[tense music]

[expectant music]

[snuffling noises]

[wrapping crinkles]

[birds calling]

[rain spattering]

[birds chirping]

[traffic noises building]

[train rumbling]

[phone trilling]

[Person 1] Good morning.

Uh, no, she’s a no show, for the trap.

[Person 1] Shit. Yeah, it’s okay,

we’re gonna pull all this stuff outta here now.

But the problem that we had is

that we did encounter a security guy that kind of said

what the hell are you doing?

And you shouldn’t be here, and all that stuff.

And we just don’t know how to get back in if the guys,

cause there’s cameras watching us

crawling under that thing.

[Person 1] Oh, there are?

Yeah, there were cameras watching the whole thing.

[Person 1] Oh shit, okay, got it.

[pensive music]

[train rumbling]

[violin plucking]

[violin plucking continues]

[tense music building]

[trap tripping]

[trap tripping]

[phone rings]

Let’s see what you got.

[sirens wailing in distance]

[gravel crunching]

[optimistic music]

[distant traffic noises]

Go in the fucking thing.

[cage rattles, slams]

We got her.

[resolving music]

[dog barking]

It’s okay, you’re a baby.

It’s okay.

It’s okay, it’s okay.

It’s okay.

[Vet] Things that we could consider would just

be some like take testing basic blood work

and then maybe get her started on some fluids.

Oh, you have crusties back here lady.

You have crusties.

It’s okay.

[cart rattling]

[car engine rumbling]

[phone ringing]

Hi Jim, it’s Harriet calling,

I have some information.

My friend saw a dog go on the rocks.

He was at Pier on Columbia Street around the hook,

but I don’t know where he is,

so I’m hoping for some sightings.

[tense music]

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