Turns out the old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” — is a lie.

TobyKeith the Chihuahua is already adjusting to celebrity life as the “oldest living dog in the world,” according to Guinness World Records.

This longtime private citizen/canine pranced into the public spotlight after he celebrated his 21st birthday on Jan. 9. He embraced overnight success like a pro by the time he was officially confirmed a title-holder on March 16, his human told The Post.

TobyKeith was adopted by Gisela Shore in Greenacres, Florida, when he was a mere pup, and has since shared a special bond with her for nearly two decades.

The average lifespan of a Chihuahua is 12 to 18 years, so Shore began to suspect TobyKeith may hold the record for the oldest dog in the world after his birthday last year on lockdown.

“When he turned 20 years everyone’s reaction was WOW! My friends and family thought he was the oldest dog they knew about” — a fact that was confirmed a year later. Now, “people can’t believe how good he looks for his age,” she said in a statement released by Guinness World Records.

Shore claims the secret to her now-famous furry friend’s long life is regular exercise, healthy genetics, a diet of vegetables, rice and chicken and, of course, a loving home.

“The thought that my little guy has reached such a milestone is fantastic! I am thrilled.”

A new record for the world’s oldest dog living has been confirmed in Greenacres, Florida, USA.
TobyKeith, the 21-year-old Chihuahua, has been deemed the oldest dog in the world. He’s pictured here with his human, Gisela Shore of Greenacres, Florida.
Guinness World Records

TobyKeith does have a heart condition, but it’s nothing that his daily walks and cuddles can’t overcome. On most days, TobyKeith wakes up around 6:30 a.m. for his first visit outside to greet his fans, followed by a morning treat.

Throughout the day, he ventures outside for several short walks and snuggles up to momager Shore while she’s working from home. He also spends time playing with his siblings, two dogs and two birds: Luna, a 7-year-old American bulldog, Lalam, a 3-year-old Chinese crested, Coco, a 28-year-old umbrella cockatoo, and Coqui, a 32-year-old African grey.

Maybe due to being close in age, TobyKeith is especially close with Coco, who is often by his side as the two putter around.

Throughout the years, TobyKeith has had a long list of foster brothers and sisters. Shore has fostered over 150 dogs and puppies from Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, where she first met her old boy many years ago.

TobyKeith the 21-year-old Chihuahua
TobyKeith is described as a “spunky, friendly and sweet” old man who acts as his mom’s “little bodyguard.”

“I was a volunteer at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue and one of the employees told me about an elderly couple trying to surrender a puppy because they could not take care of him any longer,” said Shore.

“I met with the elderly couple and I was introduced to a tiny tan Chihuahua. They had named him Peanut Butter. I later changed his name to TobyKeith.”

Since that day, Shore’s love for her “little bodyguard” has only grown. TobyKeith follows his mom everywhere and even lies on her while they watch TV. “I adore him!” she said.

She was very thrilled when her “spunky, friendly and sweet” old man was officially crowned the oldest dog in the world. Once it was official, TobyKeith celebrated with a bath, pawdicure and a ride in the car to wag his tiny tongue out the window.

“It definitely brought a big smile on my face!” his human said.

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