RPG Cast – Episode 589: “Chaos Never Sleeps”


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  1. Grand opening is Monster Hunter Stories 2, and grand closing is NEO: The World Ends With You. Depending on when they get in I’m also looking at getting in some Nocturne HD.

  2. QOTW: For JRPG July, I’ll definitely be playing, and live streaming (at twitch.tv/featherhoof) (PLUG! 😁), Monster Hunter Stories 2! Maybe get in some of that upcoming Scarlet Nexus for myself, while I’m at it. Y’know, between gear and mount grinding and job leveling sessions in FFXIV.

  3. I think this JRPG July might be when this Sega kid finally plays through FFVI. I got a couple of hours through the iOS port once, but found the graphics (and to a lesser extent the inputs) so offputting that I stopped playing. Pixels all the way…

  4. The plan for JRPG July is to keep playing the JRPGs I’ve been playing in June: Trails to Azure and Xenogears. These should keep me busy until September or thereabouts.

  5. I will be finishing up Trails of Cold steel 4 and starting Shin Megami Tensei III HD.

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