Rick Ross Thanks Those Who Brought His Pet Buffalos Back Home Safe After Running Loose

Rick Ross’ pet buffalos managed to escape his property and were found on a neighbor’s property.  The Miami rapper thanked the local community including law enforcement for bringing his buffalo home safely.

Rodeo Rick


In a video statement, the “Hustin” artist thanked the local community and law enforcement for bringing his buffalos back safely into his Fayetteville, Ga. estate.

“I want to thank all the neighbors, Fayetteville, and of course, my team skinny man, and the whole squad for making sure all our animals made it back safely,” Ross said.

Some of his neighbors expressed concern and worried the buffalo could harm children.

The neighbor went to the rapper’s house to complain about the pet buffalos on her property, which caused a verbal altercation with someone close to Ross. While no one was harmed, the animals found a way to tear into a woman’s yard.

The unidentified woman said her next step was to file a neighbor dispute with the city of Fayetteville after the police refused to take her report and told her it was a civil dispute. Also citing that Rick Ross could legally have his animals on his property. 

“Mine don’t have a collar because you know it’s mine,” Rick Ross also said. “When you see my buffalo, give it a carrot. Give it an apple. They’re so kind and so peaceful.”

In 2022, an underground rapper had an incident where his illegal pet was seized after he was arrested.

Dallas-based rapper Trapboy Freddy was arrested on the count of firearm possession by a convicted felon. During the arrest, a tiger cub was also seized.

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