Open Channel: Pitch a DC Movie/Show That’ll Inevitably Get Canceled

Collage of DC Comics characters in the opening animation for DC films.

Image: Warner Bros./DC Comics

The past week has been eventful for fans of DC movies. Between a debut poster for Blue Beetle, everything going on with Dwayne Johnson and Black Adam, and varying movies getting put on hold or maybe straight up gone, things are looking…kinda weird as James Gunn and Peter Safran begin to settle on what the next few years of DC movies will look like. Such weirdness is nothing new for this blockbuster franchise, unfortunately, but the last few days have really underlined the situation.

Everything will sort itself out, eventually—say what you will about Gunn as a creative force, both he and Safran’s respective filmographies make it quite clear they get shit done. If there’s one habit the two men will hopefully be able to break Warner Bros. out of, it’s the company having eyes that are way bigger than its stomach. Setting aside the films from Zack Snyder’s tenure that were teased of announced and never came to fruition, recall that the studio has announced films for so many characters in the past that it’s become a joke. Some of them are probably a sure thing (black Superman, for one) others like the Metal Men, and Hourman, who can truly say. Either way, it’s kind of not great that a studio keeps touting movies are in the works or production and then proceed to be prepared to kneecap said movies at the drop of a hat.

So until we know what’s being cooked up over at Warner Bros., it’s as good a time as any to just pitch hypothetical DC movies (or even shows, which usually have a better chance of seeing the light of day). Can even make a game out of it by guessing how far they’d get in the production process before the plug is pulled.

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