Microsoft Xbox hunts Chinese gaming titles to compete with Sony

Microsoft Xbox, is stocking up on Chinese game titles in an attempt to learn from Sony’s success in partnering with Hoyoverse to launch Genshin Impact exclusively on console platforms, sources have told Reuters. Microsoft has formed a specialized unit to hunt for Chinese titles, not only well-known games but also those from independent studios, with generous deals on offer for those it selects, two sources told Reuters. The move could build up the Xbox gaming library and its subscription-based Xbox Game Pass service, which Microsoft views as a major strategy to compete with Sony’s traditional business model of exclusive launches and buy-to-play. Reuters’ sources added that the move could boost China’s position as a game development hub rather than just a players’ market when it comes to the gaming majors. “Chinese game developers [have a] competitive edge to reach a broad audience both in terms of geography and platforms,” the Reuters report quoted Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at researcher Niko Partners, as saying. The Chinese gaming industry is still in a downturn, with weak performances both at home and overseas in the third quarter of 2022 due to fewer active players and tightening spending, according to Chinese data firm CNG. [Reuters]

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