Lucky Block Competition Platform Giving Away a Lamborghini? – How to Win
Win a Lamborghini with Lucky Block

Lucky Block has launched a new initiative, offering investors a chance to win a Lamborghini. Interested in winning? We’ll explore how to win in this article. 

Buy NFTs and Win a Lambo 

Earlier this week, Lucky Block’s developers announced a new giveaway in which users could win a Lamborghini vehicle. Interested players need to purchase a Platinum Rollers Club non-fungible token (NFT) from the website to qualify for the grand prize.

While Lucky Block’s developers have yet to share the timeline for the draw or expiration date, interested players can now purchase NFTs and get ready to win. 

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Lucky Block – Blockchain Gaming’s New Behemoth 

Lucky Block is an NFT competition and games platform that has established itself as a new market giant. The platform, launched in 2022, was built on the BNB Smart Chain. And while it started as a gaming ecosystem where accessibility could be achieved through ownership of its LBLOCK token, Lucky Block has since evolved into a comprehensive competition platform with higher winnings and stakes.

The game’s developers have also moved into the NFT space. In February, Lucky Block launched the Platinum Rollers Club, its first NFT collection. Since then, Lucky Block has launched several other NFT collections, all with the goal of engaging users and the broader crypto community. 

Players can buy Lucky Block tokens or Platinum Rollers Club NFTs and enter into competitions on the Lucky Block platform, where they can win thousands of dollars and prizes. 

The Lamborghini competition is just the latest from Lucky Block. Weeks ago, they gave away $1 million in Bitcoin to winners who purchased the competition NFT collection. They’ve also given away a house, an all-expense-paid vacation, and other exciting prizes in the past few weeks.

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How to Win a Lamborghini 

Interested in the Lucky Block competition? Follow the steps outlined below: 

Go to the Homepage 

Visit the competition’s main homepage to get started. Click the “Buy NFTs” button to reach the competition landing page. 

Connect Your Wallet 

The Platinum Rollers Club NFTs are available on Launchpad, an NFT marketplace

Before selecting any NFT, investors have to connect their crypto wallets to the platform. The wallet allows them to pay for the NFT and stores them as well. 

Buy Crypto 

Remember that Lucky Block is built on the BNB Smart Chain. This means that investors have to buy Binance Coin (BNB) to complete their NFT purchase. 

BNB is available on many reputable exchanges and brokers, so purchasing shouldn’t be difficult.  

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Buy Your NFT

Once the wallet has been funded, investors can complete their NFT purchases. 

Select an NFT on Launchpad and click on the “Buy” button. Since the wallet is connected, the transaction will be processed seamlessly.

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