Logan Paul’s Fluctuating Relationship With His Father Made It Hard for Him to Watch Rey Mysterio vs Dominik Mysterio: “It Affects Me”

WWE is famous for making things personal between its competitors. That way, the fans are more invested in finding the outcome of the match. This is exactly what happened, in Rey Mysterio’s case. The legendary luchador got stuck between a rock and a hard place while feuding against his own flesh and blood. His son Dominik Mysterio insulted him on multiple occasions on TV, which boiled the blood of fans.

Meanwhile, Logan Paul found it increasingly hard to follow their storyline, as it reminded him of instances of his relationship with his father.

Logan Paul felt uncomfortable watching a father and son feud on TV


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In a recent episode of Impaulsive, Logan Paul discussed Rey Mysterio and his ongoing feud with his son. Many fans couldn’t stomach when The Judgment Day member insulted and raised hands against his father on multiple occasions even though it was only a part of a storyline.

A father-son relationship is one of the most sacred bonds. To see the Mysterios fight, despite sharing most of their lives together, makes it one of the most sensitive storylines in recent times.

However, Logan Paul got flashbacks of his own father while watching the two go at each other.

During the episode, Rey Mysterio asked Paul about the relationship he shared with his father, Greg Paul. ‘The Maverick’ said, “Fantastic relationship. But it wasn’t always great, which is maybe why I kind of relate to what’s happening right now with you and Dom, and it affects me a little more.”

Therefore, even though things are smooth sailing between The Ultimate Influencer and his dad now, it wasn’t always that way. Logan added, “It hasn’t always been great. We have our trials and tribulations,” referring to his fluctuating relationship with his father.

The Ultimate Influencer made an interesting observation about Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio

Logan Paul used to be a vlogger before turning toward wrestling. The Youtuber was comfortable displaying his life on camera, but always kept his one aspect away from the public, involving his parents. Logan said, “One thing in my life that I can do behind the scenes is: Argue with my parents.”


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He added, “Everything else is public, but that’s the one thing I’m doing behind the scenes.

However, Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio have to duke it out, in front of the entire world. Paul observed this fact and offered respect to the Mexican luchador for keeping up the act.


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