Google Photos gets new collage editor and look for Memories

Google Photos‘ Memories feature is getting a new look.

The update, rolling out now, will let users see more videos, including snippets of longer videos in Photos. The app will also automatically trim videos so you can relive the more critical moments. Some still photos will get a subtle zoom effect to bring movement to the memory. Further, next month instrumental music will be played with some Memories.

Google will also bring more cinematic photos to Memories. These full Cinematic Memories will transform still images into a cinematic experience with music to make your memories feel more like a movie.

Additionally, Google is rolling out a new feature called ‘Styles’ that will add graphic art to Memories to make them pop.

Finally, you can share your Memories with your friends and family on Android (though this feature is coming to iOS and the web soon).

Outside of Memories, a collage editor is also coming to the Google Photos app on iOS and Android.

Source: Google Blog 

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