Go Train riders reveal their 3 top pet peeves as ridership increases
Go Transit customers have said what they dislike the most about riding on the train.
Go Transit customers have said what they dislike the most about riding on the train. Photo by Handout /Metrolinx

Inconsiderate commuters putting their feet or bags on empty seats ranks among Go train riders’ top pet peeves.

Riders have had their say about what they dislike most about travelling on GO trains and Metrolinx has responded with a new etiquette campaign it hopes will encourage more respectful behaviour.

Social media is flooded with photos of people putting their feet or bags on otherwise empty seats while on the TTC, so it’s not surprising to see both behaviours in the top three of the complaint list on Go trains, as well.

People putting bags on seats got top billing with Metrolinx, which said: “Whether you’re a transit veteran or newbie, remember to put your bags under your seat or on your lap. This way, seats are available to others — because no one wants to stand all the way from Barrie to Toronto.”

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Issues with the Quiet Zone were the second-most-common complaints. Loud conversations or listening to audio without headphones are not allowed in the upper level of all Go trains during rush hour (between 6:00 a.m.-10 a.m. or 3:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.).

“Short and quiet conversations are OK — like you would whisper to the person next to you in a movie theatre or library. Keep electronics including cell phones, tablets and laptops muted. Ensure your headphone volume is kept low, so other people can’t hear it.”

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Finally, feet on seats came in third.

“Nobody wants a pair of dirty sneakers on their couch, right? The same goes for the GO train. GO Transit is asking customers to keep their feet off the seats — even if you’re wearing your fuzziest slippers. This helps keep the seats clean and available to other customers.”

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Metrolinx says ridership continues to increase “toward pre-pandemic levels. … as more customers return to the office and attend events around the region.” Empty, or nearly empty trains that were commonplace during the heights of the pandemic are returning to more normal capacities.

In June, Metrolinx said ridership on Saturdays and Sundays were back to 70% of what they were pre-COVID.

A month ago, they added that in response to the increases, Go trains on the Lakeshore East and Lakeshore West lines were lengthened from 10 cars to 12 cars on some weekday and all weekend trips.

Some Barrie and Kitchener Line GO Train trips were also increased from six and 10 cars to 12 cars long. That said, Metrolinx noted last week of the Lakeshore West/Kitchener line: “While trains are getting busier, overall ridership is about 47% of pre-pandemic levels.”

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