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Natalie Portman dines there. The Kardashians have also been seen sauntering in and out of this hot spot. And now, you can get a taste of what they have been enjoying.

The famed Japanese restaurant Nobu is finally here in Singapore.

Known for its Japanese techniques and South American flavours, Nobu opened its doors at Four Seasons Hotel along Orchard Boulevard on June 1 and it’s been packed ever since.

And before we tell you if it’s worth the hype, here are five things you should know about before making reservations at this new spot in town.

1. There isn’t a Singapore-exclusive dish on the menu… just yet

With nearly 50 restaurants around the world, it won’t come as a surprise if globetrotting Singaporeans have eaten at one of celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurants.


At this new establishment, while there are quite a few Singapore-exclusive features, there aren’t any Singapore-only dishes just yet. One dish that you must order, however, is the chef’s most well-known dish, Black Cod Miso ($68). 

I have tried it once in Nobu Kuala Lumpur and once in Singapore, and it is always done to perfection with simple flavours that enhances the seafood, not cover it.

If you are excited to try something more exclusive, perhaps wait a month or two before visiting. According to Four Seasons Hotel manager Narelle Tham, the Nobu Singapore team is currently working on bringing in more local ingredients, and perhaps we’d see some locally-inspired dishes on the menu in the next quarter.

2. First private chef’s table in all of Nobu


Another first in Nobu’s constellation of restaurants: A private chef’s table that forms part of a private dining space.

Thinking of a private party at the restaurant? Other than the room with the private chef, there are three other private dining spaces with one big enough to hold up to 28 guests.

A Crazy Rich Asians-inspired party, anyone?


The restaurant will also have a teppanyaki dinner, one of the few Nobu locations in the world to offer this, and of course, a multi-course omakase menu (starts from $135).

3. They can cater to your dietary preferences – you could even order off the menu

Allergic to sesame seeds, or not a fan of chilli? Let your servers know and they’ll make sure you are well taken care of.


If pan-seared scallops are your thing but truffles aren’t, perhaps try ordering them with a creamy jalapeno sauce instead of the ones on the menu with yuzu truffle ($36) – we had those and they were an umami bomb in the mouth.

Wagyu beef can also be done to your preference here – take your pick from New Style, Toban Yaki, steak or even tacos.


Can’t decide? Go for the Anticucho Peruvian Style Rib Eye Steak ($75). Think perfectly seared steaks paired with a Peruvian chilli sauce, lime and guacamole. The stakes have certainly been raised.


Drinks-wise, you can’t go wrong with the sake brewed exclusively for Nobu by Hokusetsu brewery in Niigata prefecture.

4. There’s a “best seat in the house”


How to make your first experience at Nobu Singapore the best one? First, book the “best seat in the house,” as described by Narelle. 

The corner sofa seat has a view of the main dining hall, sushi counter, teppanyaki counter, and even the outdoor Japanese garden – the only Nobu location in the world to have this.


5. Reservation is full for the next 2 months, but it’s worth the wait


Nobu is actually open for reservations, but note that there is a waitlist for the next two months.

And yes, their flaky Black Cod Miso alone is worth all the hype.

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