‘Dramatic’ dog throws tantrum whenever dinner is late: ‘He’s a massive diva’

Doggone it!

A “diva” dog proves he’s the head of the house when he throws a temper tantrum because his dinner is just a few minutes behind schedule.

Lizzie Colden’s impatient 2-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, Alfie, struts around the house and “dramatically” paws at his food bowls when she forgets to feed him on time.

Colden, 28, recently posted a TikTok showing Alfie tapping his food and water bowls as he clamors for his dinner.

Colden — a dog mom to Alfie and his sister Ayra, 5, in Warwickshire, England — spoke to Kennedy News and Media about her wild pooch, who makes it known that it’s his mealtime — and doesn’t let anyone in the house forget it.

“Alfie’s very dramatic. He’s a massive diva,” she said. “This happens when I don’t feed him on exactly the right time.

“He does this quite often. He’s always doing something a bit crazy,” she continued. “He’ll bang his bowl really dramatically when he wants food, even though he’s fed regularly already.”

diva dog tantrum
Alfie is a 2-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier who lives with his owner and big sister, Arya, in Warwickshire, England.
Kennedy News and Media
diva dog tantrum
“He does this quite often. He’s always doing something a bit crazy,” Colden said.

The business consultant claimed that Arya is an “angel,” while Alfie is branded as the “funny” one of the two doggos. “We always laugh that Alfie’s the nutter, and Ayra’s the angel. She’s a lot calmer,” Colden said. “She’s the yin to Alfie’s yang.”

And, if nothing else, his behavior gives Colden some canine comic relief.

“He’s getting up to mischief all the time,” she added. “In the videos, I’m crying laughing at him.”

diva dog tantrum
Alfie paws at his bowl (left) and poses with his sister Ayra. Alfie throws tantrums when his dinner is a bit late.
Kennedy News and Media

Alfie’s fans also get some laughs, commenting that they love his wacky personality.

“I’m literally cracking up tears in my eyes ribs are hurting. He definitely knows how to get his point across,” one scribed next to the video.

Another added, “You know he’s going to leave a bad review on Yelp,” while one even joked, “He’s SO EXTRA ????????????!”

Of his social media admiration, Colden revealed that he has a lot of fans because he’s a “bit nutty” — and followers appreciate breaking up their days by watching his antics.

“He’s got a really funny little character,” she said. “It’s really nice and, actually, there’s a couple of people who’ve been saying, ‘I’ve been having a really tough time and your video really cheered me up.’ “

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