Clark County Today Sports Podcast, Episode 9: Safety and competition concerns in high school football, Woodland sports update after the failed levy, and more


The sports enthusiasts talk about competition between the haves and the have-nots in high school football, WIAA reclassification update, Woodland High School’s sports issues after the fail of a levy, and more

Reporter Paul Valencia and sports administrators Tony Liberatore and Cale Piland talk about high school sports

Paul Valencia

Here is Episode 9 of the Clark County Today Sports Podcast. 

A high school football coach in Seattle resigned from his position, citing safety concerns when his program was moved “up” a tier and would be facing the giants of the league. Reporter Paul Valencia and former coaches and current sports administrators Cale Piland and Tony Liberatore discuss the situation.

Plus an update on Woodland schools, specifically the sports department, after the levy failed.

And more.

For now, the Clark County Today podcasts records once every two weeks. We hope you enjoy the show. And if you have a subject idea for a later podcast, email: [email protected]

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