‘Catchee’ is a Happy Musical Arcade Game Coming this Thursday from ‘HoPiKo’ and ‘PKTBALL’ Developer Laser Dog

We’ve been enjoying Laser Dog’s output of mobile titles for many years now, as this is a developer that knows how to take a set of interesting mechanics and put them into a game that feels polished from top to bottom. While their earlier titles PUK, Alone…, and HoPiKo felt more on the serious side, later titles PKTBALL and Don’t Grind fell on the decidedly more silly side of things. Bright colors, fun animations, and goofy characters were the stars right alongside whatever interesting mechanics Laser Dog could dream up. Well, if you thought those games were cheery, you apparently haven’t seen anything yet, as Laser Dog is describing their new game as “the happiest, funnest game we’ve ever made!!”

The game is called Catchee and it’s one of those arcade games where you’re trying to catch a bunch of items falling from the sky. In this case those “things” are fish roe (I think?) that you’re trying to catch in a bowl, but you’ll be happy to know there are numerous unlockables in Catchee that will allow you to catch other types of items inside other types of vessels. Want to catch popcorn into a bucket? Eggs into a frying pan? Or, um, poops into a toilet? Well, that last one is weird and I won’t judge you, but all of these are options in Catchee. The big hook beyond this just being an arcade catching game is the incredible original soundtrack filled with catchy tunes (hey, now the game’s title makes sense!) performed by the developers themselves. Seriously, this game is filled with ear worms, just check out the trailer.

There are multiple songs to unlock, and each one is broken into multiple rounds, and you need to catch a certain amount of whatever it is you’re catching in order to advance to the next round. In the first round objects fall at a slower pace and the song is just a simple tune, but subsequent rounds feature additional layers of the song as well as more and faster objects falling. If you think this game is easy just because its premise is so simple, think again. But that is probably obvious to anyone who is already a fan of Laser Dog. One detail that I especially liked is that an object can bounce off of the rim of your container, and then twirl in the air for a couple of seconds giving you another chance to catch it and adding another layer of complexity to the gameplay.

Catchee and its catching gameplay and catchy tunes will be heading to both iOS and Android this Thursday, April 7th. It’ll be a free to play game with a single in-app currency for buying new songs and themed items, and includes things like rewarded opt-in ads for earning currency too. You guys know the drill with this sort of thing by now. The finely honed arcade gameplay is the main draw, while all the unlockables and the coin collection grind are the long-term progression carrots on sticks. Keen observers of the Laser Dog Twitter account can find a Testflight version link to get a taste of the game early, but it’s only a few more days until the full release of Catchee will hit iOS and Android devices everywhere.

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