Cannes Street Style: From Ed Westwick’s Workout Attire to Dancer Who “Wanted to Feel Like a Star”

There’s no place like Cannes. Where else could one bump into a well-known actor out for a morning jog to burn calories from a late-night chocolate binge, a red-carpet ready actress about the hit a Palais world premiere, a flight attendant and her filmmaker boyfriend, and a globe-trotting Ukrainian couple all within the span of minutes during a casual stroll down the Croisette? That’s the beauty of this seaside city that never fails to disappoint when it comes to checking in with the latest in street styles. From an intern’s goal to give off “the baddest bitch vibes” possible to the woman who wanted to “feel like a star,” see who The Hollywood Reporter bumped into below.

Name: Max

Age: 32

Occupation: Racing manager

Residence: Ukraine

My look: It’s a pity that we didn’t met yesterday because yesterday I was wearing a hella crazy outfit, my man. Today is something more simple  to take a walk and get breakfast. The shirt is Smiley, an American brand. The jeans and sneakers are both by AMI Paris. I first grabbed the sneakers because I liked them a lot and then two meters later, I saw the pants and thought, god damn, they’re perfect as a freaking match. The sunglasses are hella rare, they are Bugatti and I bought them in a vintage shop without the lenses. It was just a rare frame and I was happy to find them. My vibe is casual today but I know that I could go more freaky in Cannes and wear things that you can’t wear in normal life. It’s about 50 percent freakiness here today.

Street Style, Cannes


Chris Gardner/THR

Name: Dasha

Age: 32

Occupation: Dancer, choreographer and instructor

Residence: Ukraine

My look: Dress by Mugler for H&M, bag my Maison Margiela, ring and sunglasses by Chrome Hearts, shoes by Dior. It’s my first time in Cannes and I wanted to feel like a star so I took this dress out today and decided to work it. It’s still such a surprise for me to be here because this trip happened suddenly so I’m just happy to be here. It’s amazing.

Street Style, Cannes


Chris Gardner/THR

Name: Ed Westwick

Age: 35

Occupation: Actor

Residence: Los Angeles, New York

My look: I was in bed last night after eating too much chocolate so I woke up this morning and knew I needed to exercise. I work out pretty regularly but I thought I would go for a run down the Croisette. I’m wearing Reebok and shorts by Represent and a hat that I got at a Chopard event last night. I have some films here in the market, a thriller called Dark Game and I play a detective, a survival thriller Deep Fear that is a big fun movie. But today, I just wanted to take some time off and have a run in to feel good about myself, stay active and take in the vibe of the French Riviera. I love this kind of Mediterranean relaxed feel mixed with the iconic movie magic.

Street Style, Cannes

Ed Westwick

Chris Gardner/THR

Name: Brando & Emma

Age: 27 & 24

Occupation: Filmmaker & flight attendant

Residence: Los Angeles

My look: On Brando: The top and pants are from H.Lorenzo. My friend Mac owns it, he’s a sweet guy and I always get cool fits from him. I got the shoes from Prada in Cannes. It’s a tradition that wherever I go that I get a fresh pair. The necklace was made by my girlfriend, Emma. I have a vibrant, in-you-face personality and I always tell myself that I’m going to try and tone down my style strategy but I don’t.

On Emma: The shirt is Simon Miller and I got it at a store in West Hollywood. I bought the shoes at a vintage store for $30 and they were originally $280. I’ve been wearing dresses for events so I woke up and we decided to take a walk and wear something casual before we get all fancy later tonight.

Street Style, Cannes

Brando & Emma

Chris Gardner/THR

Name: Emmanuel

Age: 33

Occupation: Asia representative for Unifrance

Residence: Tokyo

My look: I’m wearing a top by AMI, a French brand, pants by Recto, a Korean brand, and sneakers by AMI. We’re going to a day of panels and I didn’t do this on purpose but the colors blue, white and red — the French colors. I bring two huge suitcases with six pairs of shoes and a lot of clothes. I put everything in there and don’t plan outfits or anything, just dress based on where I’m going that day and what my mood is.

Street Style, Cannes


Chris Gardner/THR

Name: Andrew

Age: 20

Occupation: Student and sommelier intern at Hotel du Cap

Residence: France

My look: My inspiration come from Mauritius. I designed this coat by myself and a tailor made it. I stole this shirt from my mom. The bag is from a Japanese store, it’s really nice. When I’m getting dressed in the morning, I was thinking about how to be stylish in Cannes and how to give the baddest bad bitch vibes.

Street Style, Cannes


Chris Gardner/THR

Name: Shadille

Age: 30

Residence: Miami

Occupation: Communications and creative manager for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation

My look: I was excited to dress up and to explore France in a way that made me feel comfortable and could be  an expression of who I am so I chose this dress [by Theory]. I had to fit all my clothes in a carry on but I packed with several things in mind including the weather, how I may be feeling and how I would want to express myself in this space. I work from home, so it’s not every day that I get to dress up so the idea of being able to walk outside and take a stroll along the French Riviera is exciting. Dressing up was an invitation to do that.

Street Style, Cannes


Chris Gardner/THR

Name: Fatma Al Remaihi

Residence: Doha, Qatar

Occupation: CEO of Doha Film Institute

My look: I’m wearing a coat from 1309Studios, a Qatar-based designer named Ghada Al Subaey. I am Qatari and I love to support and showcase local designers for their beautiful designs. I’m also wearing Papillon Jewelry by Noora Al-Ansari. I always look for something comfortable because we have long days here and it’s not easy with the rain and everything. But I love to showcase local designers and support the fashion industry in Qatar because fashion and the arts, for us, are very linked together.

Street Style


Chris Gardner/THR

Name: Elit Andaç Çam

Age: 33

Residence: Turkey

Occupation: Actress in Cannes selection About Dry Grasses

My look: This dress is by a Turkish fashion designer, Cihan Nacar, who is a friend of mine. I was exactly wanting this type of dress so he made it. I feel like a sweet tomato. I wanted to be happy, cool, easy and not wear something too tight. That was the vibe I was going for and it’s perfect.

Street Style, Cannes


Chris Gardner/THR

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