Booth, McIntosh students compete at Invention Convention

The was a bit of Peachtree City flair as local students competed at the US Nationals 2023 Invention Convention at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.

J.C. Booth Middle’s Lara Otico won 2nd place in her grade level, as well as 1st place overall for In-Person Presentation, for her project, The Plapper. The Plapper is a technique that uses kudzu and other invasive plants to make paper.

Erica Bourque and Driola Hoti of McIntosh High won 3rd place in their grade level for their project, Plant Dock. Plant Dock is a buoyant container that protects crops from flood damage.

Raytheon Technologies Invention Convention U.S. Nationals is hosted annually at the Henry Ford Museum and showcases student inventors from among thousands who compete at state and local invention competitions.

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