Big Eyes Coin aspires to raise $50 million as it plots to smash competitors like Shiba Inu and Cronos

Meme Coins and 2022 in review

The meme coin sector has been the center of attention in the crypto market. Some meme coins in quickly shot to remarkable heights due to the buzz around them created by the online crypto community. Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) are the most famous meme coins that stirred the crypto market with astonishing growth due to social media celebrity endorsements and strong community sentiment. However, a newcomer in the market is Big Eyes Coin (BIG). This coin intends to win the masses over by providing a friendly community-based ecosystem.

The year 2022 has been challenging for cryptocurrency users. The value of multiple well-known crypto tokens has fallen, whether utility or meme tokens. All crypto developers and enthusiasts suffered significant losses. However, with market revival, meme tokens managed to capture users at the same pace and are counted among the top cryptocurrencies.

Regarding utility tokens, Cronos (CRO) is a blockchain platform that operates with the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems, supporting DeFi, NFTs and the metaverse. Most crypto enthusiasts are creating a well-balanced portfolio that can buffer minor hiccups in the market. Are you in the same boat thinking about which token among Big Eyes (BIG), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Cronos (CRO) will be a valuable addition to your portfolio? Let’s dive in and learn more about these tokens.

Shiba Inu: The second biggest meme token

The second most prevalent meme token in the market, SHIB, is often called the “Dogecoin killer”. This dog-faced coin was launched in August 2020. It is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, with a solid community to back it. The team behind SHIB plans to launch a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) to give its community voting rights. Moreover, the platform offers trading services on a DEX (decentralised exchange) called, ShibaSwap.

The ShibaSwap will offer its users new ways to spend their $SHIB tokens, including staking pools and an NFT marketplace. It is constantly finding new ways to stay popular. With further approvals from celebrities like Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin, $SHIB could stay successful for many years.

Besides this, $SHIB is very cost-effective. At this time, $SHIB’s trading price is very low, luring several crypto enthusiasts. The price of a cryptocurrency is crucial as it plays an essential role in supporting the traders to use the percentage change to track the gains depending on the number of tokens purchased. Analysts believe that at such a price, users could see a great profit from $SHIB in the future. It is relatively more straightforward for $SHIB to triple in the long term than other big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).


CRO is the native cryptocurrency of Cronos Chain, a decentralised, open-source blockchain platform developed by It is a payment, trading and financial services company. The blockchain mainly provides utility to the consumers of’s trading, payment and monetary services and solutions.

The $CRO owners can stake their coins on the platform to act as a validator and earn money for processing transactions on the network. Additionally, $CRO can be used to pay transaction fees on the Cronos Chain. Regarding trading use cases, the app lets users earn token rewards for staking $CRO.

$CRO acts as a fulcrum powering’s drive to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies globally. The platform is working on finding and developing new use cases to allow users to leverage the cryptocurrency to enhance their control over their money, data and identities.

Big Eyes Coin

The new meme token, BIG, has been the talk of the town lately. It is the first non-dog-faced meme token that claims to be exclusively community-based. The token has caught much attention already due to its cute cat theme. The BIG token realises that the secret of long life in the crypto world is the community a token has. It will offer multiple incentives to keep its community strong. Tax-free shopping, maximum tokens available at launch and a dedicated charity wallet are some initial steps the project intends to take.

The charity wallet will donate to the well-being of ocean sanctuaries. BIG envisions adding value to the world’s ecosystem while creating wealth for its own users. Besides, this meme token is eco-friendly and believes in energy conservation. The platform seeks to provide a highly decentralised space for funds transfer and the advancement of blockchain.

Big Eyes (BIG) is about sharing, communicating and being open about what’s happening in the market. It believes that’s how trust is built — “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go as a pride.”

What’s fascinating about Big Eyes Coin?

To assure the project’s sustainability, it guarantees a user-comes-first ecosystem and is open to updates for the benefit of the community. The ecosystem has enforced quick and smooth reactions, just like the ones of a cat, of course. A tax system that is both clear and active will allow adjustments to fees with marketing wallet, auto burn features, and LP (liquid protocol) acquisition. BIG also plans on giving its community access to many events such as reward systems, contests, and a shop where they can purchase high-end products. Most of these activities will be Tax-free, attracting even more individuals to join the family and expand $BIG’s reach.

This cryptocurrency will have NFTs as an essential part of its ecosystem, hosting different NFT events. Holders of NFTs will be eligible to participate in multiple NFT events that the platform will conduct. After launching, it will increase traction for the BIG, enticing users from different NFT platforms.

Tokenomics of Big Eyes Coin

The total supply of $BIG tokens will be 200,000,000,000. 70% of the token’s supply will be sold to the public via presale, 20% will be dedicated to exchanges and 5% of the token’s supply will be reserved for the marketing of this new meme token. Lastly, the remaining 5% will be utilised for charity.

Moreover, the team claims not to charge any tax on the selling and purchasing of the token. However, the NFTs will have a 10% tax, distributed as follows:

  • 4% going to the actual seller
  • 5% to the holders
  • remaining 1% to charity

How to buy Big Eyes Coin

The cutest project in DeFi seeks to raise $50 million by the end of the year. The coin’s presale has raised a massive $1 million. The BIG platform will be a place for creatives, artists and anybody who “craves a change”.

You can buy it straight away using your card, USDT, or $ETH already in your wallet. Just click on the “Buy Now” button on the site. You’ll be redirected to the presale page where complete instructions are provided to help you buy the token easily. Currently, only 9.65B BIG tokens are left. After the presale ends, you’ll be able to claim purchased BIG using the claim page.

Final thoughts

A general trend we observe with different meme coins is that they seek to go down the way of celebrity and the influencer market. Big Eyes (BIG) seeks to do the same with its sweet cat. The team behind this token also plans a social media marketing campaign to promote the project to a greater audience. With its utilities, $BIG seeks to offer a fantastic community-oriented ecosystem. Its primary goal is to serve the market and oceans by using blockchain technology, which enables it to create a self-propagating ecosystem for the growth of NFTs. The platform will also participate in social service with charities for aquatic life’s well-being.

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